Enough with Fake News. Get Back to Issues That Really Matter

“Fake news” is the latest buzzword sliding into our lexicon. The term is no longer limited to exchanges between President Trump and the media, and you can now hear it in day-to-day conversations. When comedians start incorporating fake news into their jokes, you know the phrase has become part of the fibre of the nation.

I used to be an avid news show watcher, to the point that my wife and I would watch TV in different rooms. But I’ve been cured recently, since the talking heads aren’t talking about what I want to hear.

The US elections are over. There are checks and balances built into the American constitution. The mid-term elections will provide a larger opposition to the administration, and three years from now, voters can change everything again. That’s the fundamental beauty of democracy (the United States version of it, at least).

 So, news media: get on with it and talk about issues that really matter.

Fake News

The Real News


Heroin and opioid abuse has increased dramatically (one could say the increase in drug use is the result of bad events occurring, which the media feels compelled to share with us). This tells me we don’t have an interdiction problem; we have a demand problem. If no one wanted illegal drugs, there would be no demand, and the supply would stop.

The real news isn’t building a wall to stop drugs from crossing the Mexican border. That’s just the bandage. It’s finding solutions to reduce the demand.

Terrorism has grown into a full-time concern in the last 20 years (one could say that if the media no longer reported on terrorist activities, there would be no reason for acts of terror, as the world would not know and be afraid). Spending enormous tax revenues to employ people to inspect and protect hasn’t changed the underlying problem: radicalized youth. With no education and few prospects for a fulfilling life, young people are easily led into the blame game of who has caused their grief and how to strike back. 

The real news isn’t taking back the land the terrorists occupy. It’s finding alternatives so radicalization cannot occur.

We need to restore the values that attracted immigrants to come to North America in the first place: to provide better opportunities for their families. 

When we build families, we build healthy communities. When we build healthy communities, a healthy nation follows. When we build healthy nations, we become a beacon of change for goodness in the world.

Family values mean we care for each other. We love on purpose, with intention. We find help for our children who think alcohol or drugs is the only escape because they have no hope or joy in their lives. We educate our children so they can think independently and accept that each of us is responsible for our outcomes, not some Satan in another country.

Radicalization cannot occur when hope and joy fills people's lives.

Finding the Solution


A 52% divorce rate, and a higher rate of separation in common law relationships, points to the root cause and the solution to the fundamental issues of our day. I have seen no statistical evidence yet, but the stories indicate millennial divorce rates are even higher than their parents.

 We need to spend more time and money on families. If we are prepared to spend $25,000 for an average wedding, why wouldn't we be prepared to spend that kind of money on improving the marriage? The wedding is just the start of commitment, not the finish line. If we cannot rebuild our value of strong, loving family relationships what hope do our children and grandchildren have in a world that’s falling apart?

There is someone in your family you have not spoken with in a while. Why not call them today, right now, and see how they are.

 I am calling my brother. Who will you call?