Free Yourself From Mental Slavery


YouTube is a tremendous medium, at least most of the time. Recording artists must love it and hate it in the same breath.  They love that their videos can live on forever but hate that there’s no revenue stream.

I became reacquainted with Bob Marley’s Redemption Song as one of The Voice contestants covered it brilliantly.  One of the lyrics really moved me, “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery; None but ourselves can free our mind.”


How often do we allow ourselves to think other people’s thoughts? How often do we repeat the headlines rather than finding out whether the story is fake news or not? How often do we let other people set our expectations instead of setting our own? How often do we measure our worth by how others love us instead of how we love others?

When the highest rated television show is about that real life phenomenon we all have to worry about: Zombies, that is mental slavery.  When we glibly repeat our politician in chief's comments about kicking 30 million illegal immigrants out without thinking about the practical impact, that is mental slavery.  When a faded male tennis star can ask a question about the skin colour of the world’s number one female star, Serena William's upcoming child, that is mental slavery.

When we expect more out of a relationship than we are prepared to put in, that is mental slavery. When we continue in a loveless marriage for the children, or any reason, that is mental slavery.

We can only free ourselves from mental slavery when we think for ourselves and when we live our lives with intention. We can only free others from mental slavery when we love them on purpose, when we love them unconditionally and when we forgive without conditions. We can solve many of the issues we face, which seem beyond our control, by starting with ourselves. Gandhi did, Mother Theresa did, Martin Luther King Jr did, and Doctors Without Borders do every day in Africa.

Why not you? Why not me? Tonight, write down one action you will take to escape your mental slavery. Someone you can thank, speak to or tell them you love them. If there are people you have been meaning to reach out to but have not yet, do it. Be honest and passionate; expect nothing in return. You will change how you feel about them and yourself. Commit to this action and emancipate yourself from the mental slavery which is holding your potential in jail.