How Will People Remember Me

Are you doing what you are good at? In Jim Collins business management book “Good to Great”, he summarizes the results of several real companies and points out how they made the transition to great. Coaching relationships I ask this question in a different way, “how will you be remembered?” and “how do you want to be remembered?”

In our North American culture there seem to be some taboos. Church and politics are to be kept separate, business and personal development are a no-no, and any reference to sex outside of the matrimonial home is frowned upon.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the holy grail of software designers. They would have us believe there is no job which cannot be replaced by a computer.  Online shopping and driverless delivery systems will be the next massive job killers. If that does not scare/inspire you, look up what is the most employed job in the world.  Retail sales have the highest employment rate and truck drivers have the third largest demographic.  After technology takes over, where will these unemployed people go?

How Will People Remember Me


My view is the work taboo has to be eliminated. We have to help all employees, including owners and managers, move from good, which is now a synonym for mediocre, to great, which must be the minimum standard in the work environment. Jim Collins wrote this, “It used to be important to have the right people on the bus. Today you need to have the right people in the right seats on the bus.” He wrote the book in 2001 so how are we doing in 2017?

I believe it is time to understand that the only way to get to great is to answer this question, “what am I doing to add value to someone else?” We can only add value when we love and accept ourselves because then we will not be envious nor judgemental when we help others find their way. This means we have to find ways to help our employees have better relationships at home so they are not distracted at work. There are many other advantages to great families but those are for another blog post.

North America cannot compete on wages or social infrastructure costs. Canada’s CPP is funded but the payments are not enough, the United States old age security is unfunded and not enough. Both countries have to deal with medical costs as the Boomers trash the medical system. The only way to pay for these citizen benefits is to move every attitude and every outcome from a search for good to a demand for great. The only way to create a great environment is to make a meaningful change in how people see themselves and to reduce the divorce rate from 52% to under 10%. Married couples are happier, healthier, and much more productive so break the taboo and invest in your businesses future, your employee’s future, and your own personal future.

Love on purpose, love with intention, and you will be able to answer the question how will people remember me?