Remembrance Day Reflections

My Grandfather volunteered and fought in WWI. My Father volunteered and fought in WWII. As a Canadian, I did not have to go to Vietnam. Both my boys were the right age to have fought in Afghanistan. Now that my first grandchild has been born, I cannot help but wonder, is there ever going to be a generation where war is not going to be the solution?

 The National War Memorial in downtown Ottawa

The recent deaths of 2 Canadian soldiers, attacked in Canada, by two different people, has brought the war on terror home in a way most Canadians did not ever believe possible. We thought we were safe, that the fighting happened elsewhere, never in our “back yard”.

The news this week that 43 male students, on their way to protest corruption in a southern Mexico City, have disappeared and appear to have been killed by a drug cartel is, by any value system, outrageous.

Albert Einstein said, “You cannot change the outcome you have using the same thinking that created those outcomes.” (Paraphrased). There always seems to be a man leading us into all of these mortal combat situations. The radicalized Muslims are male dominated and the Christian churches, particularly the Roman Catholics are all male dominated. Buddha is male. Is any one paying attention?  Perhaps the change in thinking we need is to choose female leaders. How could the outcome be any worse than what we have now?

I speak and write about Loving On Purpose all of the time. Who better to lead us than those who were born to nurture?