Time To Reframe The Essential Question Of Our Life Time

Perhaps the most difficult question we can ask ourselves is, ”Are you already doing what you are really good at?” If we did a poll, I am willing to bet, the first two answers would be - 1) I do not know what I am good at and 2) how would I measure my outcome? Those two answers combined would have a larger total than the rest of the answers combined.  In a world increasingly negative and fragmented I am beginning to believe this question needs to be reframed to, “What am I doing to add value to someone else?

There is a reason why the rate of divorce is over 50% and common-law relationships end at an even higher percentage. The reason is that we ask the question,” What am I getting out of this relationship?” As soon as you ask that question you are not adding value to the relationship. Love is simple, it is an inside out verb. The only time you feel more love is when you give your love away. Loving on purpose, loving with intention means adding value to someone else’s life.

Perhaps the reason why so many people change jobs so frequently is people do not do what they are good at and ask the question, “What am I getting out of this job?” As soon as that question pops up you have changed the statement from,” What am I going to do to add value?” to “What is the value to me.”

I realize I have committed the sin of two thoughts in one paragraph, what are you good at and what am I getting, but there is a reason. If you spent a little time figuring out what you were really good at and then finding that job, you would likely always be adding more value.

find something you're good at

Our municipality recently changed the companies who collect our garbage and recyclables.  When I returned home from work the pails would be scattered over the lawn and driveway with the old company. The new company stacks the empty pails neatly in one spot. Whatever job you do, do it well, add value.

Unintended side effects always occur. Some people never notice the effect or attribute a negative occurrence to bad luck. If you are loving on purpose, loving with intention, or adding value to someone else, the unintended side effects will be positive and move your life to new levels of happiness with more meaning. Have you done something different today to become really good at what you are doing?