Dennis' Book

Love Your Wife - Get Better Sex



How many men can say that after 32 years of marriage they are more in love with their wife than ever?  Author Dennis Yanke can, and now he shares his own successful personal strategies, along with remarkable insights, with men (and women) to help them ignite the passion in their marriage.

The rewards of a healthy, happy marriage are plenty, including more satisfying and stimulating sex.  Combining personal life experiences with gentle humor, Dennis offers a real perspective on how women and men think AND feel so they can communicate better - the key to developing the emotional closeness that leads to a fulfilling sex life.



In LOVE YOUR WIFE - GET BETTER SEX, you'll learn to love again, the way your woman wants you too.


  • Learn to build and sustain a close, loving and mutually satisfying marriage with more meaningful sex.

  • Plan special events that have more significance to her.

  • Prevent relationship setbacks and communication misunderstandings.

  • Become a better listener so your wife feels like she's being heard, valued and cherished.

  • End the trick questions that only lead to disappointment.

  • Cultivate your relationship with your in-laws.  (YES!  It is possible!)

  • Be prepared for when the kids leave the nest.

  • Enjoy more meaningful sex!