At some point in our lives we need to ask ourselves the following question:

"Are we using the experiences of the past year to improve ourselves this year or are we just repeating the same life experience year after year after year."

Changing who we are and what we believe are fundamental to evolving as humans. Learning how to take responsibility for our own reality, how we live and how we love and how much joy we allow ourselves to experience is up to us and no one else. It is my sincere hope, that I can help you take that one small step in a process that lead you to joy and freedom in the truest sense of the word.

My desire is to reach out to people.  Period.  My focus is to help them find, acknowledge and appreciate love for themselves and in turn, the people in their lives. If you stop and think for a moment about all the life events we endure and that we long for, a loving relationship is the most important.

We all need to love, we need to express love and we need to feel love!

 There have been
divorces in the U.S.
so far this year.