Dennis does more than talk about marriage. He brings new energy to everything he touches!

- Lee Rosen - Rosen Law Firm, Host of Stay Happily Married.com, North Carolina, USA

Dennis' life lessons are to be treasured and safe-guarded with the proven knowledge that life is better after listening to him speak. His passion and desire to share and help others is something we can definitely benefit from!

- Jo-Marie Payton - Actress (Harriet Winslow (Mama) in the ABC/Disney TV Hit Series Family Matters)

"I put "Love Your Wife - Get Better Sex" on my "To Do" list for today to read 1/4 of it and planned to spread the "obligation" out over the next four days.  Well, needless to say, I read the whole thing in one go!  Wordsmith though I am, words fail me to tell you just how impressed I am.  The book is, in a word, BRILLIANT!!  It's also clear, funny, beautifully organized and just incredibly USEFUL!  It should be mandatory ready for every engaged couple!"

- Susan Vass - Comedian/Author/Motivational Speaker

I contacted Dennis to receive guidance with regard to a very delicate situation.  With his caring, compassionate help and encouragement, I was able to  experience total forgiveness and in return received one of the greatest gifts I have ever been given to yes, "myself!"  His innate understanding of human emotion and behavior provided a platform to reconnect with my Dad when he was extremely ill without chance of recovery.  After pushing myself to forgive the past and move forward into the future, I found Dennis' "words of wisdom" to be a huge support when I uttered the words "I love you Dad."  The physical and emotional release I experienced at that moment were euphoric to say the very least.  My Dad's reaction?  "I love you too!"  I cried like a child.  Every phone call and every visit from that moment on ended with an exchange of love, the most important being my conversation with him the evening before he passed.  My Dad, at one of the most final life events we experience as humans, knew I loved him and I knew, he loved me.  What did I learn from Dennis?  Say it!  Express it!  Forgive.  Love lives on, you have to "give it away" and it never ends.

- E. Thomas - Nashville, Tennessee USA

You've got a show to do.  You're tired and worn out by the week and it's only Monday.  Dennis Yanke walks in and practically does the show for you.  He's terrific...but...(and this is the oddest thing) you find yourself paying attention and perking up, because what he has to say is relevant, it's important.  Having been a guest on our show twice, Dennis brings energy to the show and to you!  How does he do it?  I don't know, but I'll tell you that it is amazing!  Dennis does more than talk about love and its impact on our daily lives, he brings new energy to everything he touches!

- Lee Rosen - Rosen Law Firm and Host of "Stay Happily Married.com", North Carolina USA

I had the opportunity to attend an event where Dennis was a guest speaker.  As I sat and listened, I watched the others in the room and their reactions to his presentation.  Engaging, with a deliberate message of loving with intent, combined with compassion, passion and light humor, Dennis had the ability to connect deeply with those in attendance.  His message of "loving on purpose" was thought-provoking, enlightening, so well planned and most importantly, needed.

- A.T. - Toronto, Ontario Canada

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to highlight your book on "Real Women Live!"  Dennis, you are an interviewers dream with witty, enthusiastic and well spoken message!

- Trish Stevenson - Real Women Live